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Where do the MRI images come from?

Giannis Doulfis September 10, 2021

The MRI simulator does not have any images per se, rather it simulates and creates the images from scratch using our simulation engines and patient models. As such, there are no ready-made images when you first start using the simulator.

Rather, you simulate the MR-images using the simulator.

We do this by simulating the MRI signal in each spin in every voxel of the slice volume of the patient model, we do this for every time step to compute the actual evolution of the MR-signal over time. We acquire the k-space and reconstruct the data into the image domain and MR-image.

This is why you get the same resulting output image as on a real scanner (given the same inputs being used), including anatomy, resolution, scan time, SNR, contrast and artifacts.

Our technology is built on more than 8 years of research on MRI simulations.