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Unlocking Efficiency: The Remarkable Speed of an MRI Simulator

Erik Jacobsson July 21, 2023

This is the fifth chapter in a series of posts about MRI simulator technology.

When it comes to MRI, time is always of the essence. In general MRI training, access to scanners is usually limited, which means that any training on the scanners needs to be productive. This is a common reason why MRI simulators are preferred for training; there is no need to block a scanner and patient access. But more so, using MRI simulators for training brings another benefit – MRI simulators’ exceptional speed allows for incredibly rapid training, research and improvement. This blog post explores just how fast the Corsmed MRI simulator is, and what such speeds lead to for educators, trainees, and researchers.

The speed of the Corsmed MRI simulator

The Corsmed MRI simulator offers a significant advantage in speed, revolutionizing the way experiments and training sessions are conducted. Compared to running the same experiments on a real MRI scanner, the simulator operates at an impressive pace, approximately 12 times faster*. This dramatic reduction in time enables users to achieve results swiftly and efficiently, maximizing productivity and accelerating the learning process.

The time-saving benefits of the MRI simulator are nothing short of remarkable. By running experiments on the simulator, users can eliminate more than 90% of the time it would typically take on a real MRI scanner. What might have previously consumed days of practice can now be accomplished in a few hours. This streamlined efficiency frees up valuable resources and allows users to focus on analyzing results, refining techniques, and gaining insights that would otherwise be hindered by time constraints.

The Value of Fast MRI Simulations

The speed of the MRI simulator translates into significant advantages for educators, trainees, researchers and medical professionals. Rapid MRI simulations provide a multitude of benefits, including:

Increased Learning Opportunities: With shorter experiment durations, users can get much more scans in their experience, and engage in a higher number of practice scenarios. This enhanced frequency and exposure enables accelerated learning and proficiency development, ultimately leading to improved performance in real-life scanning environments.

Faster Experiment Iteration: The efficiency of the simulator allows for quick iterations and modifications of experimental parameters. Researchers can explore different scenarios, test hypotheses, and fine-tune protocols with ease, facilitating the discovery of optimal imaging strategies.

Enhanced Protocol Development: Fast MRI simulations empower users to evaluate a wide range of imaging protocols within a compressed timeframe. This enables comprehensive comparisons of different sequences, parameter settings, and imaging strategies, facilitating informed decision-making and protocol optimization. Ultimately, this leads to scanning operations to do more with less, and get cheaper, faster and better results in the scanning room.

Further Quantification of MRI Simulation Speed
(per sequence breakdown)

To showcase the significant time advantage of the MRI simulator, we have included a figure depicting the time required for approximately 20 MRI sequences. Each sequence is represented by two bars, one for the time to run on a real MRI scanner (left, light blue), and one for the time to run on our MRI simulator (right, dark blue). The visual comparison vividly portrays the remarkable speed of the MRI simulator, highlighting its ability to accelerate experimentation and training.

 Figure 1 – A comparison of sequences ran on the Corsmed MRI simulator, and their corresponding times in the simulator and a real MRI scanner. Real scanner time in the right bars (light blue), simulator scan time in the left bars (dark blue). The times reflect average times for a series of sequences ran by Corsmed users during spring 2023.


In the fast-paced world of MRI experiments and training, efficiency is key. The Corsmed MRI simulator offers an exceptional speed advantage, operating at approximately 12 times the pace of a real MRI scanner. The time savings achieved through simulation enable users to conduct experiments, train personnel, and optimize protocols in a fraction of the time it would take on a real scanner. This accelerated workflow unlocks unparalleled efficiency, and ultimately faster, cheaper and better MRI.


* The actual speed up depends on the experiment set-up, it can be faster and slower, but the average is 12x