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What is an MRI simulator?

Erik Jacobsson June 29, 2023

This is the first chapter in a series of blog posts about MRI simulators and MRI simulation technology.

MRI simulators play a crucial role in both training personnel and aiding patients who may experience anxiety or fear during MRI scans. In this blog post, we will explore three different types of MRI simulators and discuss their purpose and impact on organizations and patients.

There are three different types of MRI simulators: Physical, Software, and Radiotherapy.

Physical MRI simulators

Physical MRI simulators serve a dual purpose: training personnel and helping patients overcome fear or anxiety associated with MRI scans. These simulators replicate the physical environment of an MRI scanner, allowing individuals to become more accustomed to the experience. For personnel, it provides hands-on training to improve their patient handling skills, while for patients, it offers a comforting environment to become more accustomed to the scanning process, reducing stress and improving the overall scanning experience.

Figure 1 – A physical MRI simulator to help train patient positioning

Software MRI simulators

Software MRI simulators primarily focus on training personnel. These simulators use virtual environments to recreate the MRI scanning process. They offer realistic scenarios and allow trainees to practice various procedures, learn proper techniques, and familiarize themselves with the software and controls of an MRI scanner. Software simulators enhance the efficiency of training programs, ensuring that personnel are well-prepared for real-world scanning scenarios.

Figure 2 – Corsmed’s MRI simulator – A software MRI simulator to help trainees and students of all MRI disciplines to better, faster and easier learn MRI

Radiotherapy MRI simulators

Radiotherapy MRI simulators serve a specific purpose in the field of oncology. They combine the capabilities of an MRI scanner with radiotherapy planning tools. These simulators enable accurate and precise planning for radiotherapy treatments by incorporating MRI images. They assist in determining the optimal treatment parameters and target areas while minimizing radiation exposure to healthy tissues.

Corsmed’s MRI simulator is the only simulator in the world which combine true MRI simulations, vast arrays of real-world MRI features, on industry aligned interfaces, all to provide a truly one-to-one experience for full transferability of simulator acquired skills.


MRI simulators have revolutionized the training process for personnel and improved patient experiences. Physical MRI simulators alleviate anxiety and fear, software simulators enhance personnel training, and radiotherapy MRI simulators aid in precise treatment planning. Understanding the different types of MRI simulators and their respective purposes can help organizations and individuals make informed decisions regarding their implementation.