Added features to improve the Protocol Library

October 21, 2021

We are always working to improve our technology and services. Today we are showcasing some new features that has been released quite recently and that have provided a lot of value to our users.

Protocol Library

  • It is now possible to share or ‘save to’ any saved/created category, protocol, or sequence back and forth between the Personal, Course specific, and Lab specific libraries.
  • We have also added the possibility to delete one or multiple saved/created files (categories, protocols, or sequences), also with the option to undo the last delete.
  • Once a sequence has been saved in the Protocol library, you can now add the sequence back into the Pulse sequence list ‘with’ or ‘without position’ (position = slice plane/orientation and number).
  • Once a sequence has been saved in the Protocol library, it is now possible to edit any of the imaging parameter values of the sequence directly from within the Protocol library.

We really hope that you find these added features useful. If you have any questions or future feature request, please contact us via the forms or when logged in via the chat in the bottom right corner. We appreciate feedback and frequent dialogue with our users.